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I am Dena Tarlin, born Dena Smith in Peoria, Illinois on September 9, 1959.  I am turning 50 on September 9, 2009, the same year my daughter turns 9.  If you come to my party, you should expect to be dressed to the nines and party like it’s 1999.

I just don’t know how I got along before the internet.  I am hard of hearing and a classic introvert, but I feel so much at ease here on the Web.  I’m surprised I haven’t heard more deaf and heard-of-hearing people say this.  Textual communication levels the playing field or perhaps even gives me a slight edge (I type fast), plus I appreciate that I can play with other people online when I want to and then put them back in their boxes when I need to get something done.  Chat and IM are another story, which is why I mostly keep them turned off.

I completed my MSLIS at Dominican University in 2008 and am looking for a job at the worst possible time.  In the meantime, I still make a few dollars selling on eBay and doing a bit of freelance proofreading.  I have been my daughter’s primary caretaker for her whole life, which I count as one of my greatest accomplishments right up there with winning the Halloween costume contest at Club 950 as one of two Dead Housewives From Downer’s Grove.

I have a love-hate relationship with writing, but in the end I do it because I’m compelled.  I don’t really understand the folks who dismiss blogging as self-indulgent, because here is someone writing, making something, when they could be plopped on the couch watching some crap TV show that somebody else made.  The beauty of the Web is that if you don’t like something, you can make it go away with a little mouse click, this page included.  But I’m honored if you stay awhile and delighted if you find something here that moves you in some fashion.


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Did you sell the Stephen Sprouse Jacket? Please let me know. Thanks,

Comment by John

John, I did indeed. Thanks for your interest, though.

Comment by denalynn2001


Comment by

Just saw this… Library Science? Wow, I work in a University Library as an information specialist! Coincidence, eh? Will surely check out your eBay shop!

Comment by Sybilla

Dena, I’m so glad you wrote, and posted that you wrote it (!) so I could get to know you despite your Burn-is Interuptus. You were born the year my only sister was. And when I turn 50, my son will also hit 9 yrs old (and a half…) Guess we have a lot in common. J’s dad, like S’s, is also a poet (although he is totally “academia” and wouldn’t read it publicly if his life depended on it.) I relate in a lessor way to your take on blogging/internet leveling the playing field for many of us. My reasons are different, and I’ll use my own damn blog for that story/stories. I need to stop blogging on other folks’ blogs….

Comment by Mars

We did not meet at lakes of fire but i saw your post on the reflections page…i was one of the organizers (placement/poetry/art..) just wanted to reach out and say be patient little librarian…i know the time is harsh but you can use that degree for so many things other than a library…i know this as i have my MLIS as well! (aka the talking librarian is one of my monikers) Be well be patient and start thinking creatively about that degree!

Comment by doxie from D-troit

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