A Funny thing Happened the Other Day
January 8, 2010, 11:29 pm
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Not ha-ha funny, strange funny. I recently received a comment on this post I made many months ago, regarding my purported resemblance to Dorothy Parker. “Dottie and Me” received the most hits of anything I’ve ever posted, for reasons I have never fully understood but that nonetheless delight me to no end. I clicked the link to approve the new comment, entered my login information, and there I was, in my WordPress account.  That may not sound funny at all, but the last time I tried to log in with exactly the same information, I could not get in to save my life. Oh well, there was always Herr Machine when I desperately felt the need to share a figure of the United States made entirely of meat or a video of William Shatner performing “Rocket Man.”

I thought about contacting WordPress support, but there always seemed to be something more urgent to do.  For one thing I’m now selling books on Amazon in addition to eBay and Bonanzle.  I had considered dropping eBay, but the other funny thing is that my sales there have picked up and I’m still having fun.  These efforts are all very time-consuming but somewhat enjoyable, and if I squint real hard I can almost pay my bills.

I am also still  seeking a real job while doing some freelance proofreading work on the side. I’ve mostly applied to libraries and I do have my fingers crossed re: a position that is still unfilled, but I haven’t had a lot of nibbles. Looks like I picked the wrong time to start a new career, but I refuse to give up.  I know I’m a hard sell due to my lack of experience, but if I can just get someone to give me a chance, I will make myself useful.  I have always prided myself on my ability to find work when I need it, so this joblessness has been a great learning experience in all kinds of ways, some of them painful. I keep retooling and submitting my resume in true sisyphean fashion, because what other choice is there?

This has been a brief post just to say boy howdy and thanks for reading.  I never cease to be amazed at the persistence of Web content, and thank goodness for that. By all means do visit Herr Machine, but you know I’ll be back.


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