Kaplan’s Embraces the Krazy
June 30, 2009, 6:03 am
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On our way home from Lakes of Fire in Michigan (longer post to follow in a day or two), we stopped to look at fireworks strictly for research purposes.  I had always loved the signs for Krazy Kaplan’s, so that’s where we headed.

I have been in stores that carried fireworks, but I have never seen one that had row after row of them and virtually nothing else.  The place was huge, with an overwhelming array of colors and graphics begging to be chosen and wheeled out in a shopping cart to those states where pyrotechnics are legal (click on pictures to see larger version):


I would have like to have gotten more pictures at Krazy Kaplan’s than I did, but my spouse and daughter were worn out from camping and I wanted to get home and unpack.  I will say that some of my favorite packaging featured U.S. political figures.  One of these featured an image of George Bush and was called Ambushed, the 436 Dollar Deficit Man:


Even better were the Area 51 fireworks that for some unknown reason featured an image of Bill Clinton:


I don’t quite get the alien connection here, but the visage of Slick Willie fits in amicably enough with warnings of flaming balls and reports.

Yet another favorite category of mine were the fireworks with adorably nonsensical names such as What Dat Do.  This rings even better as a statement as a question, so I’m glad they left the punctuation out for my entertainment:


A little copyright infringement is always fun too, as evidenced by these American Idol fireworks.  Simon Cowell eat your heart out, :


Having had our eyeful of explosives and then some, we made our way out and paid our respects to old Krazy Kaplan himself, just beyond the registers that we of course did not visit, seeing as fireworks are illegal in the state of Illinois:


I frankly don’t care much for things that explode, but in this world of sanitized politically correct discourse, it is somehow reassuring that Krazy Kaplan has yet to be bullied into changing his name and/or identity.  Emotionally Disturbed Kaplan has much less of a zippy ring to it and takes far too long to say, by which time you would miss the exit.   In the highly competitive world of Indiana fireworks, never underestimate the value of a crass and vulgar mascot.


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I love fireworks shops. Krazy Kaplan doesn’t have as good a selection as Phantom, but he makes up for it in wacky sincerity. Phantom is kind of subdued in comparison.

Comment by Joe

[…] The image of Bill Clinton in a spaceship for no apparent reason comes from this blog, which features some other equally interesting pyrotechnic products. […]

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