Feeling the Burn
June 13, 2009, 2:15 am
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Those who know me know I do not do camping, so I struggled mightily to decide if I should grace Lakes of Fire (the first Great Lakes Regional Burning Man event) with my erstwhile presence.  Pros were the lack of sandstorms and the relative closeness of the event as compared to Nevada, weighed against my general intolerance of noisy crowds and my distaste for anything that might remotely be described as “roughing it,” given that my need to urinate tends to increase exponentially in relationship to my distance from the designated receptacle.  Having devoted serious thought and research to such urgently pressing matters, I think I have found a solution.  That is probably more than you need to know about the distribution of my biohazardous fluids, but I can’t resist a pun.  As it happens I also cannot resist the opportunity to be a part of great public spectacles and art happenings, so I shall brave the insects and other petty inconveniences in hopes of being moved and amazed.

Lakes of Fire is happening in Michigan from June 25 through 28, and registration has just been extended through 11:59 CST on Sunday June 14.  If you want to know more, the main Web site is here and the event also has a Facebook page.  I don’t know what to expect, but I do know it will be more fun if you and your monkey come too.


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Wow. That sounds like fun.

We have to talk soon and catch up.

Comment by Bubs

Post Pictures!

Comment by Billy

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