He’s Coming Now, He’s Coming to Reward Us
March 3, 2009, 4:30 pm
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I still have a large stack of Beckoning of Lovely submissions to review today and don’t have as much time as I’d like to make this pretty, but I did want to share that four new Leonard Cohen dates were added yesterday including a second one for Chicago on May 6.  For the current list of dates and on-sale information, here’s the updated tour page.  This is just the public information, so if you want to know about fan presales and such, you’ll have to figure it out the same way I did.

I had quite an interesting day yesterday, with reverberations continuing into today.   I actually considered taking down yesterday’s post because I did not want to be misperceived as being angry or disrespectful towards LC, a man I respect and admire deeply.  Some folks on the LC fan forum perceived me as hostile because I dared to use the word “bullshit,” but I reiterated numerous times that I think le eau d’merde is emanating mostly from the Ticketmaster kiosk.  Folks accept and even endorse their practices because they are the status quo, but when I step in bullshit, I don’t whistle, look at the sky, and pretend I’m smelling roses.  I thought it sucked that there seemed to be no tickets left by the public sale date and I spoke up and said so just because I cared about it.  If I didn’t care about it, I sure wouldn’t have risked exposing myself to abuse and personal attacks from people who don’t know me.

I don’t feel entitled and I’m sure I won’t have a front-row seat for this show, because I can’t afford it.  But at least I now feel like I have a reasonable chance of going.  We have a good pair of binoculars, so I’m prepared.  I would like to thank everyone on the LC fan forum who has given me hints as to how to get my tickets, particularly the person who was kind enough to send me a private message when the new dates were announced.  I’ve got my monkey, but someone else will have to bring the plywood violin.

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This is good news! I’ll have to let Nora know ASAP–she’s still smarting from my failure to score Throbbing Gristle tickets as soon as they went on sale.

Comment by Bubs

Good for you, Dena! Go for it 🙂

Comment by Sybilla

Anyone who thought you were being critical of LC is a douchenozzle. Yes, I said it and I hope they all weep that a stranger called them “douchenozzles” on the internet.

Comment by Marianne

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