Bonanzle Gets Better (Again)
February 19, 2009, 12:01 am
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I got so busy there for awhile with the holidays followed by the Beckoning of Lovely frenzy, I lost touch with what was happening on Bonanzle.  I was drawn back to the site when my sales there began to pick up and rival those on eBay, and I found not only were there a lot more users, but there was a fun new feature known as Hand Picked Lists.  This feature enables any Bonanzle user to assemble his or her own collections of items based on any theme, such as a color, subject, or type of material.  The only limitations here are those imposed by the limits of your imagination and the offerings available on the site, still a bit thin but growing daily.

Better yet, these Hand Picked Lists are now being employed to brilliant effect on the Bonanzle home page.  Having previously been rather annoyed at the lack of variety on the home page, I have thus far been quite impressed by the diversity and visual punch of the collections I have seen displayed there.  The whole process enhances the participatory nature of the site, as it encourages all users (not just sellers) to exhibit their tastes, share what they know, and interact with other users.

Making a Hand Picked List could not be easier, as you basically just go right to that feature from the left sidebar of your My Bonanzle page and just start adding items from the listing pages.  To change the item order on your Hand Picked List, just choose the Edit option, click, and drag.  The lists are both searchable and browseable and folks seem to love creating them.  It’s a very Web 2.0 idea and something you won’t find on eBay, so do check it out.

Just a reminder for those who might not be aware of this, but unlike certain other Web marketplaces, Bonanzle collects no fees until you sell something.  I have sold nine items and accrued a grand total of $2.50 in fees, a sum so small Bonanzle can’t even be bothered to collect it yet.  The site is incredibly easy to use and does not demand an initial investment (reminds me of the good old days of in that respect), so if you are new to online selling this might be the route to go.

I’ve done a couple of lists and have several more in progress, but my favorite thus far is called Paint It Black.   I’m quite pleased with it for a first effort and its due to expire soon, so by all means take a peek while it’s still up.  More on Bonanzle later, I’m sure, as the site continues to grow and seems to be heading in a promising direction.  So much so that I’m seriously thinking about pulling the plug on eBay, but that’s another matter for another post.

I’m working on a post about my trip to Philadelphia to see Rufus, so watch this space and put on your glitter shoes, baby.

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Great post about this cool new feature on Bonanzle!
The handpicked lists is just one more feature that proves that Bonanzle is a site that puts its members FIRST! by allowing input into how the site is seen.

Comment by renagade

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