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November 15, 2008, 4:38 am
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I’ve been too busy trying to work enough to pay my bills to post much here, which has included not only maintaining my eBay store but also hanging up a shingle on Bonanzle.  I’ve been eBaying since 2001 and this is the first other place I’ve ever thought was worth my time and effort.  It was quite a bit of work to migrate all my listings, which I then had to edit for Bonanzle.  I still have a lot of work to do on my booth setting up custom categories and such, but the bulk of my stuff is up and running and (most important) available for purchase.

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion and because eBay has become increasingly inhospitable to small-time sellers such as yours truly, here are a few reasons why I think you should take a look at Bonanzle:

  1. Bonanzle is Growing: Hundreds of new users are registering every day, many of them disgruntled sellers migrating from eBay because their needs are no longer being met.  Bonanzle’s free listings and relatively simple interface are also inviting new players to the online selling field, providing a more browseable and visually appealing selling environment for users who might previously have settled for Craigslist.
  2. Bonanzle Wants You: Bonanzle founder Bill Harding appears to have thought long and hard about where eBay has failed its users, particularly sellers.  Bonanzle’s slogan Find Everything But the Ordinary suggests that enticing possibility of hidden treasures that eBay has all but killed with its clumps of tiered search results with all the visual appeal of an airlines reservation screen.  Ebay users will find Bonanzle has done all it can to help users migrate not only the content of their eBay listings but also their feedback ratings, supporting a continuity of reputation across different Web environments that I think will be a good thing for those of us with an established presence and a record of transparency that mirrors the ethos of Bonanzle itself.  Right now Bonanzle is like the new boyfriend, paying attention to your needs, sprucing itself up to look all nice, and bending over backwards to be fair, whereas eBay is the old boyfriend who knows he has you in the bag and totally takes you for granted.  The best movies are the ones where the old boyfriend gets his comeuppance while you and the new boyfriend waltz off into the sunset, drunk on love and rich as Croesus.  I don’t know yet if Bonanzle will turn out like that, but I can dream.
  3. Bonanzle is Faster: One of the great selling points of the site is that it’s faster, meaning sellers can list more items within a shorter span of time.  One page to post one item is a dream of simplicity compared to the several pages of endless and repetitive options one has to click through to accomplish the same on eBay.  The site also offers other ways to expedite the listing process, most notably a picture cropper that allows sellers to take and upload fewer pictures.  I haven’t used it because I still think scanning provides a more detailed image of a book, but I’m glad it’s there and I’m surprised nobody ever seems to have thought of it before.
  4. Bonanzle is More Fun: One of the inspirations behind the site seems to have been that eBay isn’t fun anymore and has not been for a long time, never mind a sense of humor.  One doesn’t exactly get the sense that fun has been a priority, given that eBay has been too busy staving off desperation and disgruntlement for the past few years to conceptualize anything beyond mere surivival.  Since it seemed clear right from the outset that a site whose founder calls itself Bonanzle Bill and includes an update on Abe Vigoda’s current status (alive) on its “Fast Facts” page either has a sense of humor or is sadly out of touch with reality, I preferred to believe the former.  Aside from the sadly needed giggles, what I find most fun about Bonanzle is that it gives me a venue to express my exquisite discernment by tagging items I find Bizarre, Beautiful, Funny, Cool, or Well Priced.  This adds value to the site by focusing attention on exceptional items and making them easier for other users to find, plus it gives me a reason to visit when I’m not even buying or selling.  Even ze avatars at Bonanzle make the site more fun to drive and underscore the emphasis on personalities over product, because since when has it ever been fun to feel faceless?  Bonanzas are fun too, because who doesn’t love a sale?
  5. Bonanzle Offers an Appealing Business Model: Bonanzle charges no fees for listing an item and their final value fees are significantly lower than what eBay takes.  Not only do they accept Paypal, but you can also use a credit card through Google Checkout to complete a transaction, losing nothing in convenience but putting hard-earned shekels in your sellers pocket that would otherwise have gone to eBay.  Transparency and a sense of community also contribute to the Bonanzle ethos, and the very structure of the site is set up to facilitate real-time communication between buyers and sellers.  Sellers are encouraged to establish regular home pickup hours to serve local buyers, and each user’s page has a Google map that indicates how far that person is from you.  Bonanzle uses open-source technology and what they mysteriously call “Google-like strategies” to keep their overhead down, passing the savings on to users whilst providing an abundance of cool features.  The cornerstone of the Bonanzle business model is the core belief that online selling should be fun and not too complicated and that people should treat others as they would like to be treated, which I guess is at least two core beliefs.  They are good ones nonetheless, as sure as Abe Vigoda lives.  If you’ve read this far, by all means humor me and register on the site.  The last time I jumped on a bandwagon like this was when I turned on all my crafting friends to Etsy, and they’ve turned out pretty well.

I’m denalynn2001 on Bonanzle, same as I am on Twitter, StumbleUpon, and  I’m denalynn on ebay, which I believe happened only because the username denalynn2001 was already taken when I registered.  I don’t know where Bonanzle will be a year from now, but I’m giving it my personal endorsement and encouraging you to take a look because I’m ready for a new administration.  Ebay personifies the Republican way of doing business, so if the question is “Can we collectively build a site that restores the spirit of fun that has disappeared from the online marketplace?” I’d like to think the answer might be YES WE CAN!  Take a look and tell me what you think, by all means register and tag a few things.  If you like it, tell your friends and we’ll have another grassroots movement on our hands faster than you can say “Bonanzle Bill.”

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What a wonderful and thorough review of Bonanzle! Thank you for taking the time to discover Bonanzle and write an informative introduction to the site. Make sure and come back often as we are always improving the site based on the valuable feedback our community provides.

Mark Dorsey

Comment by Mark Dorsey

GREAT article, well written and absolutely true!

Such a great new site being built and fine tuned by founders that LISTEN!

Bonanzle is like my new boyfriend too!

Take That eBay!

Comment by nightgirl

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