And Here’s the Little Wicked

The daughter wanted to be Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween, and the daughter usually gets what she wants.  Mind you, she has no appreciation for the fact that I was forced to work on this assignment whilst trying to set up and market my booth on Bonanzle (more on that later, eh?).  I am very grateful for the interface that makes it so easy to migrate the content of one’s eBay listings to Bonanzle, but all of my listings had to be hand-edited and I still have to replace some missing images.

At any rate, I did what I could on the costume but I am no seamstress.  At least we got in some nice pictures and a trick-or-treat trip down the block and back before she came home and tried to sit down.  When she parked her derriere on the floor, all the clips in back came out and her chest was exposed.  She conspicuously clutched at the front of her dress while I tried to ward off the trick-or-treaters long enough to change her to her Disney fairy costume.

At least that allowed me to put on the long red wig under my witch hat, adding a flair of sultry abandon that had previously been lacking in my presentation.  Now that it was finally dark and Friday night, it seemed like the thing to do.  I escorted the daughter down the block in the other direction and we hit a few more houses, this time collecting for Unicef like she does every year.  Then her feet hurt and she wanted to go home, so we called it a night and went home to gloat over the booty.

The nice thing about the Sally costume is that now we have most of the basic structure, representing many hours of work.  With a few alterations and improvements, it could easily be wearable next year if she’s so inclined.  Of course we all know that would be too easy and she’ll more than likely come up with something else to torture me next Halloween, because she can.  I’m just grateful that we opted out of the white face makeup at the last minute, only because I had a vision of my prized red couch from Target emblazoned with little white handprints.

In case you are wondering, I do realize the wig was a bit too Farrah, but the other long red wigs I saw were made of yarn and garish clown red.  Clearly Sally’s hair is more auburn, so I settled for some curl in exchange for a non-offensive hue.  These are the sorts of compromises one is forced to make in the real world, but at least I now I can change my appearance if I need to fend off the paparazzi or manifest an alternate personality that serves champagne cocktails at the Peppermill Lounge.


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Welcome to the site, glad to have you here. And great looking web site here. YOu have some real skills!

Comment by Bill Harding

Er, “welcome to the site” = “welcome to Bonanzle”. I’m not welcoming you to your own site, though it’s not exactly clear that I might not be derelict from reading the post… 🙂

Comment by Bill Harding

That costume is fantastic! Tell her she looked great!

Comment by Bubs

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