Fun For the Whole Family
October 20, 2008, 5:07 am
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Even the unborn ones, yoho!  I took the above picture today at the Cottonwood Farms Pumpkin Fest, ostensibly a place for wholesome family fun.  The daughter asked what “Protect the Unborn” meant, but I’ll be damned if I was going to let some interfering whackos dictate when we would have that discussion.  Of course I secretly plotted to sneak away and get a picture of the sign, because how could I not?

We somehow managed to go backwards through the corn maze, but at least it was good exercise and I got this pretty shot of the corn and blue sky:

After feeling so lousy last week, it was nice to be out and about in the sunshine without sore gums and with a new Rufus show under my belt.  It was an odd venue, this Venue, completely cold and impersonal with all the charm of a Rave Motion Pictures theater and way too many empty seats and drunk people begging for attention.  I’m not sure I understand why they book these venues unless as a last resort, because Rufus could easily have filled the Vic or the Riviera on a Friday night.

To give him credit, this was the second time I’ve seen Rufus perform in a half-filled house (the other also being in a casino), and he always performs for the people who are there.  The only evidence that he wasn’t having a good time was that he didn’t do a second encore, but I can’t really blame him.  Our seats were good but not superb, so I did appreciate the giant video screens on either side of the stage that enabled us not only to see Rufus play piano but to enjoy such details as the interplay of light and texture created by the effect of a rhinestone neclace on a hairy chest.

To add to the fun of the wonky venue and crowd, my friend wasn’t feeling well.  At one point I was convinced she would pass out and hence join that fairly exclusive club of which I am a not-so-proud member, but she toughed it out and remained vertical.  Fortunately she managed to pull through with the benefit of some fresh air and a Rufus-induced endorphin rush, but at one point I thought we might have to leave.  I’m glad we didn’t have to, but there’s always Philadelphia.


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