And Then There’s More Other Things

Tonight is pretty much about catching up with some administrative business, as I feel the need to lounge a bit.  But there are a few things that I also need to straighten out, first and foremost that I finally got the link to the Nerve piece to work.  No, really.  Apparently I somehow forgot to break the old link before I “fixed” it last night, and my only excuse for not checking is that it was really late and I was tired.  Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good excuse.

Thanks a bunch to Sybilla for pointing that out, and also for reminding me that Europeans tend to write their dates all backwards-like.  This means the “L’Absence” video I posted last night is actually from August 1, 2008, not January 8.  I knew that, I was just testing!  Heh. I will also correct the date on the original post, but I thought I should make a general announcement for anyone I might have confused, such as myself.

That being said, tonight my digging yielded the first Rufus Wainwright impression I have ever seen, from a CBC comedy show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes, with Gavin Crawford as Rufus.  The first and more recent clip has Rufus hawking a new children’s album entitled Minor Songs for Minors.  For some reason it won’t play if I embed it, but here’s the link:

You know, they say you aren’t really famous until somebody lampoons you.  Well I said it, anyway.  Being the good sport that he is, I’m sure Rufus took it well.  Below is the show’s previous Rufus bit, featuring the famous white bathrobe from the Release the Stars tour:

I have no idea what I was thinking when I started this project, but I’m more than halfway done and I can’t possibly stop now.  The great thing is that Rufus has been at this long enough that there seems to be an endless supply of entertaining filler for those nights when I’m off my game.  I keep finding articles and videos I’ve never seen before and might never have come across if I wasn’t desperately searching for filler, so in that respect alone this project has been well worth my time.  Just slap me if I ever get another cockamamie idea that requires me to post every day, because I’m a lazy sod, mmkay?

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Hey, you’re welcome! Btw, Europeans don’t just WRITE their dates backwards, they pronounce them backwards too (which explains the writing). So it’s 1 August 2008… 🙂

Comment by Sybilla

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