So What if I Like Pretty Things?
October 3, 2008, 3:03 am
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Yes, tonight you get another crap post of filler because I’ve been busy and exhausted, but judging by the feverish scribbling I did in my Moleskine this afternoon, I should have something of substance to say tomorrow.  In the meantime, in the process of scavenging the Web for undiscovered Rufus booty (haha, I said Rufus booty!), I found this Polyvore set called Dress Like Rufus Wainwright that I thought was pretty much spot on.  If you google his name on the site, you will also find several other sets based on his songs.

And then there’s those other things, namely this Nerve article from 2001, with a photo shoot that verged on the naughty:

There is also a print version of this that occasionally shows up on eBay, for those who are so inclined.  Feel free to buy it for me if you like, but don’t forget to include a drool catcher.  And while you’re at it, I wouldn’t mind a giant Poses poster either.

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Ooh, you tease! That link to the Nerve article just sends me right back to Polyvore, which is all very nice, but…

Nonetheless, still loving the blogs.

Comment by OurHorsesInEgypt

Try again, it’s fixed!! So sorry!

Comment by denalynn2001

It still gets us to the Polyvore… 🙂

Comment by Sybilla

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