Wainwrights & McGarrigles & Roches, Oh My!

One of the best things about declaring Rufus Wainwright Month here on my little corner of the internets is that in digging for material I’ve discovered articles and interviews I’ve never read before.  Probably the greatest gem I’ve uncovered thus far was this Vanity Fair article from May 2007 on the Wainwright/McGarrigle/Roche clans, which not only has some wonderful old images, but also nicely captures how the complexity of the relationships has provided endless fodder for songs.  Writer Jim Windolf manages to depict not only the rewards but also some of the consequences of this particular mode of sublimation, and it makes fascinating reading.

Do be sure and click on the image above to enlarge it, because it will make you smile.

Now read the article, which will take you awhile because it is eight pages long.  I’m shirking my duties tonight because I’m finding it’s too hard to crank out a long piece every night and my Pilates routine has been suffering.  So while you read, I’ll have a late dinner and then get to bed at a reasonable hour.  Sound like a plan?  I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff, because I may be a slacker, but I’m not a quitter.

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