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September 2, 2008, 8:47 pm
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Shortly after my last post regarding my absurdly slow cable internet service, Comcast sent a service person to do a home visit.  He checked our connection, agreed it was unacceptably slow, examined the wires, and said something about rain, which he supposedly fixed.  Things were better for a week or two, but today my connection has ranged from 100 to 200 KBPS according to the McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer.  The same source indicates a cable/DSL connection should run at least 500 KBPS, so I currently have smoke coming out of both ears.  Last night’s post took me about twice as long as it should have, simply because I constantly had to reload pages and twiddle my thumbs every time I wanted to change something.  We are mulling over the possibility of switching to satellite, but I don’t feel like I should have to.  I just want Comcast to provide what we signed up for without our having to constantly chase after them and shake our fists, but apparently that is too much to ask.

Of course we shall have to call them back again, because blogging about this problem will not get it fixed.  I am airing my complaints in a public forum because I believe we are by no means the only customers who have these problems with Comcast.  I hope that by talking about it, I may contribute to some type of collective pressure that will encourage them to work on upgrading their services to correspond with what they promise.  Quality and service for the money are concepts that should be a given, because anything less is insufficient.

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Comcast service stopped due to an error? I just got off the phone with Comcast support person who informed me they had made a mistake and disconected my Internet and cable service. They can’t seem to fix the problem until tomorrow. Wait it gets worse.

For the last 6 months I have been not only a residental customer but a business class internet cutomer. Paying two bills. The service was so bad I finally had to give up on my business class sercice. What a disaster.

Comment by Tim

I am so sorry to learn about all the troubles you are experiencing.

I work for Comcast and I am willing to reach out to my contacts to get this issue resolved for you.

If you are interested in my assistance, please send me the phone number on the account so I can get started.

Best Regards,

Mark C.
Comcast Corp.

Comment by Comcastcares1

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