A Knol of My Own: Las Vegas Solo
August 29, 2008, 6:32 am
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Today after many hours of work I finally published my first Google Knol–Actually my first two, because I also published a biographical Knol. I don’t see any reason why you should pay attention to anything I say unless I can back it up with some credentials, especially in a competitive information market.  I am very fortunate to have a lot of training and experience to bring to the table and I think the Knol format is an exciting platform to explore my personal obsessions and share some of the multimedia subject collections I created in grad school.

I am interested in so many things that it was awfully hard to choose my first subject, but then it occurred to me that more people have found this weblog searching for information on traveling to Las Vegas alone than any other subject.  I did blog on the subject years ago, but I realized I know a lot more about it than I shared in that post.  It was the perfect Knol, because I felt that venue would attract more readers than I could hope for here and it is a subject I enjoy talking about almost as much as being there.

I have other projects in mind for Knol and may disappear from time to time when I am in full project mode, but I do still intend to continue post here when I have something worth saying and the time to say it.  The beauty of this self-indulgent format is its flexibility, as well as its faithfulness.  It’s the closest thing to a journal I’ve ever managed over a prolonged period of time,  a writing accomplishment regardless of what you might think of the format.  I’ve already tried to stop blogging and it’s never worked, so I surrender.


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