All Wigged Out
August 11, 2008, 4:45 am
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I enjoyed a brief but intense flirtation with the wig of my dreams the other night at Catalyst Ranch, a place of many sensual delights conveniently located in downtown Chicago and available for your meeting or function.  This happened at a wedding, the event that has kept me hopping for the past week or so, shopping for two outfits.  Not only was I to be a Light Bearer, a duty for which black seemed to be contraindicated, but the afterparty’s organizers had requested that we all wear white.  Since most everything I own is black and I am a dwarf with a pair of 40 DDs, finding smart clothes tends to be a challenge.  I finally did okay with a white dress from Target by Mossimo for the afterparty for a mere 23 clams and a faux-charmeuse raspberry stunner for the wedding at a slightly steeper $58.00.  Let’s just hope the chardonnay washes out.

Yet another obstacle to posting has been my duties as my daughter’s day-camp coordinator, which have required me not only to truck her back and forth to 98th Street twice a day but also to keep track of field trip fees, make sure she wears the right things on the right days, help her practice for the talent show, and scrub the dirt from her water bottle.

Speaking of dirt, the kid I sent off to camp in the morning looked like so:

and the one I picked up at 3:00 in the afternoon looked like so:

In all fairness to the counselors, the last image was taken after she had her face painted at the Penny Carnival, but perhaps on a 90% day they might have limited themselves to pastel stars and hearts on cheeks instead of full-on greasepaint.  She was supposed to be a bear, but I felt like I had to keep telling everyone we passed on the way home that it wasn’t blackface.  Once we got home, there was no choice but to head straight for the showers, do not pass go and do not touch my couch.  Of course now the couch has gum on one cushion regardless, but I forestalled its defilement for at least a few sweet weeks.

As long as we are wigging out here, please allow me to briefly rant about my Comcast Cable Internet service.  As I understand it we are paying for high-speed internet, but lately it seems to be taking longer and longer for pages to load.  The worst-case scenario is that some pages will time out altogether if not reloaded, but at best I have to reload almost every page.  Today I was on eBay and I waited over forty seconds for a page to load before I gave up and reloaded, which, while hardly life-threatening, is also not high-speed according to any reasonable standard.  Considering my neighbor down the street keeps losing her service altogether (and we’re talking phone, TV, and internet), I suppose I should feel lucky, but instead I just feel gypped.  I am writing about it here because I believe I have a better chance of getting results with a public complaint than a private one, so if you live in or around Evergreen Park and are having Comcast problems,  please feel free to comment on this post.

Day camp is over, as is the big wedding that required two outfits.  Tomorrow I can sleep in, something I haven’t done on a weekday for as long as I can remember.  Better yet, the spouse and daughter will be heading off to Taos in a few days and I’ll have a chance for some special time with my favorite person, namely me.  As much as I wouldn’t mind a family vacation, a few days without the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd is precisely what the doctor ordered, not to mention the comforts of a non-dismantled living room devoid of Pokemon cards, toobers and zots.


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