Etiquette For the New-ish Millennium
April 29, 2008, 5:59 am
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Today I had to make the two-hour trek back and forth to Loyola to see my oncologist. After waiting about forty minutes in the chilly wind and rain for the Pace Bus back to Forest Park Station, I finally shuffled my cold body onto the warm bus and settled into a cozy window seat. As we barrelled down Roosevelt Road with the cemetary on our right, a female voice shrieked in panic from the back of the bus. “Where am I going!!?” We all stiffened, because it was that loud. I was afraid to look in the direction the voice was coming from, because I was just tired and wanted to get back home to pick up my daughter on time.

Then I heard a sweet voice emanating from the same direction. I turned my head and saw the lady sheepishly apologizing, saying “I’m sorry, I have anxiety.” Everyone just melted, and several people told her it was okay. Anxiety was something we could all relate to, unlike hails of bullets or unmediated narcissism. We forget sometimes how disarming a sincere apology can be, but in this case it defused a potentially tense situation and was awfully brave of her when you think of it. We should all be so graceful under pressure.

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