Inland Chumpire?

Dear David Lynch,

I have loved your movies ever since I first watched Eraserhead on a VHS tape in my friend’s apartment in North Carolina almost 30 years ago, and Twin Peaks is by far my favorite TV series ever. I missed the road show of Inland Empire at the Music Box because I live way on the other side of town and I have a 7-year-old, so I was very happy when I finally had a chance to watch the DVD. As much as I love seeing movies in nice theaters and will do so every chance I get, the one big advantage of DVDs is that most of them have English subtitles. I am very hard of hearing like your character in Twin Peaks, so as much as subtitles do take away from the aesthetic experience, they enable me to follow virtually any content much better than I could without them.

I respect your need to control how I experience your films, which in this case we may color “frustrated.” Certainly I would have found Inland Empire mighty compelling strictly on the basis of the visuals, but I cannot help wanting to know what the heck I missed (about two-thirds of the dialogue, by my reckoning). Adding to my confusion, there were French subtitles but none in English. I cannot help feeling just a bit ripped off, although I’m sure it will help to watch Inland Empire with headphones one of these days when I have time. You can bet I’ll try even harder to catch your next movie in a proper theater, because that is a much more satisfying experience anyhoo. But as someone who cannot set aside my hearing difficulties the way you could your role as Gordon Cole, I urge you to remember that some of us do count on those subtitles to feel like we are in the cinematic loop.

Yours Truly,


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I still haven’t forgiven him for Lost Highway.

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