Pop ‘Til You Drop: Digital Pop Culture Redux
April 11, 2008, 5:24 am
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I’ve been absent for the longest time to the point where I almost felt too sheepish to come back here, silly but true. Then I happened to peek at my statistics and saw that people were still trickling in pretty consistently, which made me feel like I have some responsibility to keep the place up. I’ve been thinking wistfully of posting for some time, mostly on those nights when I’ve struggled to do schoolwork through bleary eyes until 11:00 PM and then played Peggle until bedtime because I was too exhausted to use my brains for anything more strenuous than deciding where to aim the ball. That feels like failure to me because I want to do it all, but if nothing else grad school has brought me face to face with my limitations.

I was right up to my neck in my limitations the last time I posted, which is how I actually managed to say nothing of significance about something that is actually quite important to me. I’ve been working on a subject guide for pop culture resources since January, a project that got off to a very rough start but is now coming along much more smoothly. It’s a work in progress, and right now I’m busy rewriting the Introduction to the Digital Pop Culture Hub, even as I look ahead to the next section (Television). So if you read something that sounds wonky I probably think it’s wonky too and am revising it as we speak, but feel free to let me know.

Today I googled “Digital Pop Culture” just to see who else might have taken it upon themselves to grapple with such a slippery critter, and I was both delighted and appalled to see that my last post was the second result on Google. Delighted for obvious reasons, but appalled because not only did the post fail to articulate anything meaningful about my project, but it had a link that didn’t work. That is the essence of wasted opportunity, and wasted opportunities are something to which I do not take kindly. It’s high time I remedied both of those oversights, so by all means please GET YOUR DIGITAL POP CULTURE ON RIGHT UP IN HERE!!

Just like old times, I’m dozing off at the computer in the middle of my sentences. It’s been a long day of writing in which I haven’t actually completed anything until now, but at least I don’t feel like a bad blogger anymore. You can see that I’ve been busy, and hopefully by the time I’m done and have fixed the wonky bits, I’ll have something I can feel proud of and that will be sustainable and expandable. I’m this close to being done with all my other school projects, so as of May 1st I’ll be all pop culture, all of the time, until this project is complete. I’ll try not to be so much of a stranger here, since it seems like the space has taken on a life of its own that miraculously persisted even throughout my neglectful absence. Strangely enough, it does feel like home.


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