Tubes World Tour: Digital Pop Culture Pathways

Besides getting my bathroom redone and having to live with tile being sawed across the hall and endless plaster dust, I have been toiling away on the first installment of my independent study project. The project is called Pop Culture Pathways, and Pathway #1 is the Digital Pop Culture Hub Rather than explaining it all over again, I would be delighted if you would take a peek and give me some feedback.

For now you can comment here, but there will be a project blog appearing soon that will be linked from the page. My goal is to post one of these pathways every week for the remainder of the semester, with the whole process to be as open and iterative as possible. Obviously this will have to take priority over my posts here, as school comes first, but I couldn’t resist letting you know what I’ve been up to.

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A little more feedback.

Considerable attention is given in marketing to the matter “above the fold”, a term carried over from the age of the newspaper.

On my monitor there are about ten screens worth of info here.

An itinerant surfer my not scroll down very far without some notion of what to experct down there.

Can you add a sidebar that collects the section heads in one place?

Comment by Billy

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