Joe Bryl: When Good Things Happen to Good People
January 23, 2008, 2:49 am
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I rarely have time to pick up New City, but the other day I was waiting for my ride and was too brain-dead from spending all weekend in my Preservation and Conservation class to read anything else. Much to my surprise, I saw a familiar name and face from my days at Club 950 on the cover, with an interview and article on Joe Bryl and Sonotheque. I feel very lucky to have been a regular at 950 on Sunday nights when Joe was spinning, partly because he didn’t blink at playing 10-minute extravaganzas like Patti Smith’s Land for me to dance to and partly because you never knew what he would play next when left to his own devices. Club 950 was the place where everybody knew my name, the first and only time I’ve ever had that in my life. A lot of that had to do with the free drinks, since I was always short on cash during my underemployed days selling t-shirts at the Lincoln Park Zoo Mammal House. And the venison stew they served at the annual Christmas party was memorably succulent. But I doubt I would have dragged myself from Wrigleyville to Lincoln Park every Sunday night with such regularity if I hadn’t been so anxious to see what musical surprises and other extravaganzas Mr. Bryl had up his sleeve at Club Quirky.
In the serendipity department, I looked up the Sonotheque schedule online just to see what was cooking, and it seems they are doing a Kinks tribute on February 6, with rare video footage. Now, without opening a large can of worms that I don’t have time to unravel right this minute, I do have a bit of a history with this band. I played them nonstop between the years of 1972 and 1981 and saw them play from Louisville to Philadelphia, so I got temporarily burned out and took a long hiatus from their music. But just recently I’ve had the urge to hear them again, and I downloaded Muswell Hillbillies from eMusic. I can’t think of a better excuse to finally check out Sonotheque than a Kinks event, and by all means we really can use that in this town. It almost makes me nostalgic for 1986, if not quite for the tooth-achingly sweet Silk Panties concoctions that I quaffed on the house.


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