Cravats of Wonder #1: Laurence Gartel
January 15, 2008, 4:57 am
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One of the great things about ebaying is that I sometimes learn about cool stuff in the course of researching items, so I’m kind of surprised this handsome Laurence Gartel for MBP tie has yet to attract any bids. When I stumbled upon it, I had no idea Gartel had worked with Nam Jun Paik or that he was considered one of the pioneers of digital art. All I knew was that it was one of the prettiest and most intriguing cravats I’d ever seen, with its chaotic yet strangely calming jumble of images. Having had a bit more time to live with it, I’d say the relatively muted colors are what makes the difference between this and Ralph Marlin.

It’s not often I resort to shameless self-promotion here, but since I don’t wear ties I would like to see this gorgeous piece of wearable art find its true owner and be proudly worn. If I relist it in my store, I will charge more (not less!) than its minimum bid of $9.99, so hesitate at your own peril. The more I look at it the more I want to keep it, just because it is so damn hot.

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Dear Proud Neck Tie Owner,

Thank you for your writing regarding the GARTEL silk necktie for MBP. You are a very smart man. That classic tie sells for $125. Those that dont want to pay $9.99 obviously dont know that you are literally giving it away.

Ahhhh if they only knew! Let them check into how much the original artwork goes for these days. ))

Yours truly,
Laurence GARTEL

Comment by GARTEL

Dear Mr. Gartel,

I am not a man, but rest assured I am very confident that I have an excellent eye. I plan on relisting that tie for a fixed amount in my ebay store, and I assure you that will be more than $9.99. Truly, they have missed their chance!

Thanks very much for your comment, as the added legitimacy can only help me!


Comment by denalynn2001

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