Just Call Them Generation Y Not

Kitten w books & text reading

If I am understanding this story correctly, apparently the good folks at the Pew Internet & American Life Project have released survey results indicating that those in the Generation Y cohort are more likely to use libraries than any other age group. Judging by my younger peers in library school, I am not surprised at all. Not only are they digitally inclined, but they are also avid readers and information seekers who understand that the goal should be to find the best information source for a given need rather than to impose one’s personal preferences inflexibly.

I am loving that the greatest hope of libraries is now that which has been considered by some to be their downfall, namely young people who grew up digital. Perhaps we can now stop whining about how the library world is going to hell in a handbasket and start focusing on providing more innovative web-based services to our largest single group of users. Y the hell not, eh?

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That would be a nice surprise…

Comment by Woeful

Great news for libraries. I’ve also noticed the trend of 20-something bookworms, which pleases me no end.

I hope 2008 is smoother sailing than 07 for you.

Comment by Bubs

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