Something Squirrely This Way Comes
December 17, 2007, 7:02 am
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squirrels and strange liquid

As for which way, I don’t even want to go there. That is, I wouldn’t want to speculate about the source or nature of that ooky black pool that seems to have formed underneath the squirrels. It seems to be creeping underneath the stool of the younger squirrel, which is probably why he bears an expression of at least mild consternation:

worried little squirrel

Nope, this guy does not appear to be a happy little camper. Nor would I be, assuming I was in my bare feet, separated from a mysterious puddle of black ooze by only a precariously balanced stool.

I don’t even want to speculate about how this image might have affected tender young psyches, but as long as we are talking about squirrels, I thought we should all take the opportunity to revisit the Sugar Bush Squirrel, one of the things that makes life worth living. Now I’m craving a 2008 Sugar Bush Squirrel Desk Calendar, so I’m being very nice here to even mention it. If they sell out before I can get one, I hope you feel guilty.

I am now working on my final school projects, which unfortunately include presentations on both Tuesday and Wednesday. I am one of those people whose mind goes blank when I am facing out into an audience, so that should go well. If I didn’t have my writing to fall back on, I would be in serious trouble.

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