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November 12, 2007, 6:58 am
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I am, that is. As of this past Tuesday, I am officially caught up on my backlog of schoolwork. I essentially missed out on Halloween for the second year in a row, as I have class all day on Wednesdays. I couldn’t see my daughter’s school Halloween parade or take her trick-or treating, but I insisted upon wearing the same damn orange plastic skull earrings I wear every damn Halloween. The weekend after Halloween, I took my daughter to see the 3-D version of Nightmare Before Christmas, which was totally worth the effort.

I’ve had the StumbleUpon toolbar installed on my Mac for months, but I just recently started using it in earnest. I’ve discovered it is particularly useful for those times when I am eating at the computer, but am all caught up with the America’s Next Top Model recaps on Television Without Pity. It works because I can just click on the toolbar icon until I find a site with enough to look at so that I can keep my hands free for eating.

Tonight I stumbled upon a page listing the Top 10 Bizarre Mental Disorders, posted on The List Universe. I haven’t quite figured out how (if) the site controls for accuracy, but apart from that I think it’s a great concept that should generate a lot of creativity and user participation. I was a bit surprised not to find Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy on the list, but I learned about a new form of mental illness I’ve never heard of called Paris Syndrome. Apparently, some Japanese tourists become psychologically traumatized when the real Paris turns out to be a noisy, smelly city where people yell at each other. Expecting charm and whimsy, they are unable to cope and may in some cases even become psychotically paranoid. If that’s what happens to them in France, imagine if they came to America and had to use public transportation. We would be fishing them out of the rivers.

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