It’s Too Darn Hot (And So Is Rufus)
August 23, 2007, 5:18 am
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Today has been quite the uncomfortable struggle for me and I’ve just about ready to let go of this summer with all of its dreadful, oppressive heat and humidity (not to mention the bugs). Both my aging hearing aids and my aging computer have been acting up, with no immediate prospects to replace either. Beginning very early in the day, all sound has been mushy and muffled. The pervasive distortion makes me want to retreat, either to silence or my headphones. I had all kinds of business to take care of today, including trying to get my fall school schedule in order. Currently I’m not too happy with it, which is only adding to my stress. As much as I love school, last semester was my hardest and I sometimes dread coming up against my limitations again like I did when I came down with a nasty flu and was essentially knocked out of the ballgame for a full two weeks. I felt like last semester my ragged edges showed more than I liked them to and my work lacked rigor. I would like to remedy that in this coming semester, but between my physical challenges and the sometimes-chaotic home environment I don’t always have as much control over things as I’d like to.

There have, of course, been some good things about this summer. My daughter loved her day camp, I found good bread at the local farmer’s market, I had my best-ever summer selling books on ebay thanks to Mr. Harry Potter, and then there was Rufus. I’m still hoping to see him again in Milwaukee, but am having a surprisingly hard time finding someone else willing to drop everything and go. I haven’t quite given up yet, but I may yet have to consider selling the tickets and living on my memories from Nashville.

Speaking of memories, my commenter Treavor wrote this most enjoyable account of the Rufus show he attended in Austin on August 11. It was held outdoors at a barbecue joint called Stubb’s. Treavor demonstrates here that sometimes it is well worth waiting for a review that delivers this keen of a sense of time and place. Namely hot: sheesh, just talking about it drove me to turn my air conditioner back on and let it blast onto my right shoulder as I type this. Rufus has played quite the assortment of venues on this tour, from the aforementioned bastion of Americana to a Harrah’s Casino in Kansas City, about which gig somebody had this to say. Having read as many reviews of Rufus live shows as I have, this level of negativity is almost refreshing. Also included have been gigs at Saratoga Mountain Winery, a landmark theater or two, and Coachella. At any rate, Treavor beautifully describes a show that I almost wish I had attended, despite the unbearable temperatures.

By the way, I very seriously considered attending the Harrah’s show based on the near-unthinkable convenience of having my lodgings, Rufus, and video poker under the same roof. When tickets went on sale and I compared my options, however, a reserved fourth-row seat at the Ryman won out over the dreaded general admission. You will find that women of my age and curvaciousness will do almost anything to avoid having to stand on our aching old feet all night for a general admission show, unless it is for an event on the order of Flaming Lips. When I considered what it would mean for me to see Rufus perform on the same stage occupied by Hank Williams, Sr., I wistfully gave up all my inclinations toward vice and signed up for Tennessee in August heat. I may have gotten to see the show indoors, but I spent far too much time wandering the streets with sweat pouring down my face, searching in vain for a Starbucks.

Somehow in all the madness I managed to update my Google Notebook today, although not in a particularly organized fashion.

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