Rufus at the Ryman and Beyond: Just Go!
August 22, 2007, 6:25 am
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I am feeling rather dejected, having just found that the Nashville concert review I painstakingly eked out of my overheated brain last night and repeatedly saved for fear of losing it had all but disappeared, leaving naught but an introductory paragraph and this photo, taken earlier the day of the August 14 Rufus Wainwright concert:

Ryman Auditorium, 8-14-07

Now it’s almost 1:00 A.M. at the end of a long day, and I’m not about to try and reproduce what I wrote. But I can show you where I sat, which is at the “x” point in my diagram:

Ryman Seating

It was a perfect seat, not being too close like that cluster of folding chairs in front, but offering an unobstructed view, two aisles for easy in and out, and the arm of the pew for me to lean my elbow on.

To say in a few words what I’ve already said in many, Rufus Wainwright’s “Release the Stars” show is perhaps the most engagingly performed and throughtfully constructed live performance I have ever had the pleasure of attending. From the moment the band comes out in their sparkly suits and performs an overture, Rufus creates a mood of enchantment in which boundaries can be safely crossed and vulnerabilities revealed. The stellar band includes both veterans and newcomers, including a delightful 3-piece horn section and an extra guitar. The foundation of this show consists of the kind of musical virtuosity Wainwright demonstrates when he sings the Irish folk ballad “Macushla” unmiked, but the embellishments and artful staging catapult “Release the Stars” over the top into the realm of the sublime. Old Hollywood may be over, but star quality like this doesn’t roll into your town everyday. If it’s not too late already, buy that ticket and send yourself to the moon.


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I LOVED his concert to when he came Aug. 11 to Austin, TX. You got to be indoors, but we suffered outdoors in the heat. But it was worth it!

Comment by Treavor

Treavor, I would suffer outdoors for Rufus if I had to. But I’m a wuss, which is why I’m avoiding his Ravinia show here and instead going to Milwaukee. Now if I could just find someone to take the other front-row ticket and give me a ride back and forth from Chicago, I’d be in business. Rufus is the best, no question about it.


Comment by denalynn2001

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