Rufus at the Ryman: Decompression Phase
August 20, 2007, 5:06 am
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Despite having flown home from Nashville straight into a double whammy of upper respiratory illness and domestic chaos, I wanted to at least check in and share some of my fleeting impressions of Nashville and the show I traded my marbles for, Rufus Wainwright at the sacred Ryman Auditorium. I like Nashville and I have been there before, but my main impression of the town was of the godawful, stifling, oppressive heat that left me worried my fresh red dye job would be running in rivulets down my perpetually sticky neck. I normally love to walk and explore, but those activities were sadly curtailed by the overwhelming impulse to return to my air-conditioned hotel room with the Plasma TV and soaking tub. Besides, the postcards I saw this time were way too tasteful compared to some of the doozies I’ve purchased on previous trips. Stay tuned, because I’ll share a few of those with you as soon as I can dig them out of the rubble.

I stayed at Union Station, a Wyndham Historic Hotel built on the site of a restored train station. Both the hotel and the room were quite comfy and visually stunning, but my one complaint is that it took far too much effort for me to find coffee and food. Condemn me for my weaknesses if you must, but it was an unexpected jolt of culture shock to find myself out of range of a Starbucks. My room on the seventh (top) floor felt like an alcove, with a spacious walk-in bathroom stocked with Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa toiletries that I must admit smelled pretty yummy. The bed was one of those pillowtop mattresses that I wasn’t supposed to like because I’m used to a futon, but it was like sinking one’s body into an immense marshmallow.

This here pigeon must have thought the room looked mighty fine as well, because for a while it seemed determined to join me:

pigeon in window

I have so much I want to say about this show, but right now the thoughts are flowing slow as molasses due to a nasty cold and I’m still struggling to get both myself and my daughter ready for a new school year. For now, just know that I feel strongly enough about it that I have purchased two front-seat tickets for Milwaukee to see the show just one more time before Rufus heads on up to Canadia. You will rarely have a chance in your life to see a performance as thoughtfully structured and engagingly nuanced as this one, so don’t miss this rare chance to see Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright at the top of his game.

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I’m looking forward to hearing about the show.

Welcome home.

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