I’ve Been Simpsonized
August 7, 2007, 6:41 am
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Today I got sucked into playing with the Simpsonizer, one of those all-too amusing Burger King promotions like the Subservient Chicken. I cooked up this little version of me, which I think both captures my essence and idealizes it a little bit. I shared the Simpson D with some online chums, and one of them concocted up this little group photo that for some reason just warms my heart:


That’s Dee(troit) to my right, the adorable lady who put this together. She’s in Michigan, d’oh! On her right is Cori the wild and crazy salsa dancer from California, followed by Rio from Wisconsin who provided the link. On the far right is Sara from Philadelphia, also known as the Butterfly Girl. We are all devotees of Rufus Wainwright, and since none of us is even remotely rich we could never afford a meet-up. Taking that into account, I thank Burger King for making this all possible and apologize to any vegetarians who might be offended by this post.

My Kitchen Should Look So Good


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