It Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Hoops
June 10, 2007, 7:09 am
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The freshly mopped basement floor is drying and smells gently of pine cleaner, the Ben & Jerry’s is softening on the kitchen counter, my hands feel rough and dry from cleaning products, and I am preparing to shut down operations for the night This leaves me with a sizeable but manageable amount to do tomorrow before party time, including but not limited to: mopping the kitchen floor, wiping the door off, vacuuming the carpets, making myself and my daughter presentable and giving her pigtails while she turns her head and tries to see the television, not to mention blowing up 72 balloons. One already knows it shall be I who does the blowing, because the spouse is asthmatic and wheezy and the daughter has the desire but lacks the wind.  I, on the other hand, have both the wind and the desire.  I take a perverse pleasure in my ability to blow up large numbers of balloons faster than anybody else around, but then perverse pleasure is my middle name.

I have been accused of being in a cleaning frenzy, but I will not let that deter me from sharing something I learned today concerning my beloved Mr. Clean Magic Sponges (henceforth MCMS). In the course of cleaning several years of accumulated grime off the kitchen blinds, I discovered that the life of a MCMS can be extended considerably if one but squirts on a bit of diswashing liquid and squeezes the sponge under running water. I understand this revelation seriously diminishes my chances of receiving any free samples, but I wasn’t exactly waiting underwater.

Lucky me, my background music was a live online NPR broadcast of tonight’s entire Rufus Wainwright show, the last of a 4-night stand at the Gramercy Theater in New York City.  More about that and Rufus later, but for now here is the link  for the NPR page on the show, eventually to include an audio archive of the entire concert.

The next time you hear from me I shall hopefully have survived tomorrow’s onslaught of some 10 to 15-odd youngsters and a motley handful of grownup friends that we’ve fallen into the habit of inviting mainly because that’s when the house is clean.  Every year I say “never again” and every year I eat my words, but at least this year there’s a hoop at the end of my rainbow.

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