Hoop Mama
June 1, 2007, 4:40 am
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Hips don’t lie, but mine seriously misled me when I assumed my hula-hooping days were over just because my daughter’s standard striped plastic model barely managed a halfhearted circuit around my ample hips before heading south to my ankles. I thought this was just one more on my list of things I couldn’t do anymore, right up there with putting an ankle behind my head.

Much to my delight, when I attended a hooping event at Yoga Now last year I tried one of the heavier models made for adults and it was like I had never set my hoop aside for these last forty years. My only regret was that the room was too full of people for me to really let loose, but that problem was soon solved over the holidays when my spouse gave me a custom-made green and purple hoop with gold glitter trim.

Although a competent hooper in that I can pretty much keep the thing in motion until I choose to stop it, I must admit I do not know a single trick and thus far have not demonstrated a knack for teaching myself. I have therefore cleverly arranged a hooping demonstration as the entertainment for my daughter’s seventh birthday party, fiendishly plotting to kidnap the teacher and make her teach me that trick where you reach an arm behind you to get the hoop and then lift it above your head without breaking the spin.

I would love to make it to one of the Thursday hooping classes at Yoga Now, but I live far South and the logistics have thus far made it impossible. What I need is a hooping mentor, a Kane to my Grasshopper to help shape my natural virtuosity until I become the greatest hooper the world has ever seen, as well as one of the least grandiose. Barring that, I would stand for being even half as good as Karis of The Mutaytor, below.

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